Withybush Hospital (Wales)

Requirements For The Project

Withybush Hospital’s 24-man ward needed a thorough electrical upgrade, requiring solutions that prioritised the safety and efficiency for staff and patients. The scope of work included aspects of electrical installation, including lighting power, door access systems, CCTV, and electrical infrastructure work

Delivered Solutions

We approached the Withybush Hospital project with a detailed plan tailored to address the unique needs of this important healthcare facility. Through collaborative consultation, the following solutions were implemented:

Complete Electrical Installation Works

We assessed the existing infrastructure, and then identified areas for improvement. We implemented an in depth installation process, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations were met.

Lighting Power Installation

Recognising the importance of lighting in healthcare settings for patient comfort and staff efficiency, DG Scott implemented state-of-the-art lighting solutions. From energy-efficient fixtures every aspect was designed to enhance functionality of the 24-man hospital ward facility.

Implementing Door Access Systems

Security is non-negotiable in healthcare facilities, we integrated cutting-edge door access systems to secure the perimeter of the ward. Access control mechanisms were customised to allow the authorised personnel entry while safeguarding against unauthorised access.

Electrical CCTV Installation Work

Withybush Hospital’s commitment to patient safety prompted the integration of comprehensive CCTV surveillance. We implemented advanced camera systems strategically, making sure they covered critical areas to monitor activities and ensure a secure environment round the clock for all those at the ward.

Data Infrastructure Work

In the digital age of healthcare, reliable data connectivity is paramount. We engineered a robust data infrastructure, facilitating seamless communication and information flow within the ward. From patient records to administrative tasks, the network was designed to support the hospital’s operational efficiency.

Project Results

The upgraded infrastructure ensures enhanced functionality, improved security, and a conducive environment for both patients and healthcare professionals at the hospital. Withybush Hospital can now continue its mission of providing excellent healthcare services with confidence, knowing that its electrical infrastructure is in capable hands.

We only employ the best of the best to work with us here at DG Scott.

Our staff meet the following standards:

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